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Our Citys District Map is Evolving – What You Should Know

When Ventura adopted its current voting districts prior to the 2018 election cycle, every resident’s home address determined which Council Member was their primary representative on City Council. Now, with 2020 census data in hand, a planned, required review of that map is in process to decide how it SHOULD and COULD be revised (ie. by shifts in population). So, if you look at the enclosed map, “Current Ventura City Districts,” and consider your home district and who your representing Council Member is– that MAY change for you this up-coming mid-term election. The changes to the map have not yet been finalized, BUT several revised options (offered via public process this last month or so), have been reviewed by Council. The changes are anticipated to be sensible both in terms of new population data within the City and natural community affinities. The process thus far has been productive and includes equitable collaborations between your Chamber of Commerce, CAUSE and City Staff– among others.
This is not a council agenda item yet, but is scheduled for February 7, City Council Meeting. This will be the fourth public hearing and final map determination. The meeting is scheduled to start at 6pm, members of the public are encouraged to participate via the virtual platform.
At the end of the process, one of these will apply to you this November… – NO CHANGE to which District you live in, nor your associated Council Member – A CHANGE to which District you live in and your associated Council Member – A CHANGE to which District you live in and your associated Council Member, AND a possible change to whether your District is voting or not this year for Council. Districts up for election this November are 1, 4, 5 and 6. If you are in (or end up in) Districts 2, 3 or 7, you will not be voting this November for a Council Member.
Read more at the link below and then STAY TUNED for more Ventura District news!https://www.cityofventura.ca.gov/2144/Redistricting-Process-with-2020-Census-D

For the full Council Agenda or to learn how to submit a public comment in advance of the meeting or offer public comment live during the meeting click here.