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Item 12A Public Hearing Item: Water Resources Net Zero Fee Update

Ventura’s Net Zero Water Policy was implemented in 2016 to ensure that new development does not adversely affect the water supply or water supply reliability of the City’s existing customers and/or approved new development. It builds in a process in which developers pay their share of costs to build and maintain appropriate water infrastructure.
The City Council will consider updating (lowering) their per acre foot fee for water. This will directly impact the fees that are paid into the City by developers of new projects.

Item 13A Formal Item: Preliminary Draft Housing Element

The preliminary draft Housing Element is scheduled to be sent to the State Housing and Community Development Department for comment on August 13, 2021. This agenda item is a joint City Council and Planning Commission meeting to receive feedback prior to sending the preliminary draft to the State. The State deadline for the adopted Housing Element is October 15, 2021.For more information 13A (ca.gov)