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Business Advocacy

The Ventura Chamber of Commerce understands the importance of a unified partnership in dealing with business issues that affect our diverse membership. We remain increasingly dedicated to identifying issues that matter to our members so we can effectively advocate for local business interests at the local, state, and federal level.

Through our Legislative Committee, The Chamber Alliance, and consistent outreach to elected officials at all levels of government, the Ventura Chamber consistently strives to stay informed on the latest developments while seeking common sense solutions to many complex issues. Advocating for a strong local economy is our highest priority.

The Ventura Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping local companies grow their business by taking the lead in programs and efforts that help create a strong local economy and making Ventura a great place to do business. Many of your fellow business members are joining the Chamber because of the significant role we play in the public policy arena. We will continue to be assertive and smart about how we implement our advocacy efforts and do it in an effective manner irrespective of the outcome of those efforts. The benefit to our member business is a first class proactive advocacy representation that they have neither the time nor resources to provide for themselves.

One of the best ways to become informed and involved is to join a division committee. Currently the Governmental Affairs Division has the following active committees: Business Advocacy Roundtable, Political Action Committee and issues based task forces as issues arise. To learn more or attend a meeting please contact President/CEO Stephanie Caldwell by e-mail at stephanie@ventura-chamber.org or call (805) 643-7222.

At the local level we are playing an increasing role as the voice of business when advocating public policy changes that stimulate and sustain growth for business resulting in the creation and retention of jobs. The Chamber remains committed to having a productive working relationship with lawmakers fostering a positive employment climate that will support global class schools and an outstanding quality of life for the citizens of the City of Ventura. The Chamber hosts an annual Ventura State of the City to provide a venue for panel discussion on our local economy. During this event attendees hear from our Mayor, City Manager, and leading economists regarding the direction of the city.


Our Chamber members are the lifeblood and most important resource in the campaign to improve the economic vitality of Ventura. As members of the Chamber team, we ask you to join with fellow business members in continuing to direct and support our advocacy measures. It is through your participation and increase in numbers that the Chamber gathers its strength in order to influence public policy, insure our collective success, and enhance the quality of life of our community.

Each year our members are invited, and encouraged, to join the California and Ventura Chambers at the California Business Legislative Summit in May. This two day trip to Sacramento is complete with business meetings with legislators and a conference with the Governor.

It is the Chamber’s role and commitment to create, develop and utilize cutting-edge policies and practices that will provide outstanding pro-business legislative and local policy representation to our membership. We seek to educate and involve members by providing election information with an emphasis on job killer bills that pertain to Ventura.

Chambers of Commerce Alliance

Power in numbers. That is what this alliance is all about. Stretching across both Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, each local Chamber is represented and region wide issues are addressed. For more information, please go to their website: www.chamberalliance.biz.

Political Action Committee (PAC)

The Political Action Committee (PAC) of the Ventura Chamber of Commerce is committed to seek out, endorse and support candidates to run for public office at the city, county, state, and federal levels who support the free enterprise system, believe in fiscally responsible government, and whose views represent the interest of both the private and pubic sectors of the economy.

Governmental Representatives

To help members become involved with our Governmental Representatives we have provided you with information on city, county, state and federal representatives.

Our Public Policy Platform

The public policy platform provides direction to the Ventura Chamber of Commerce for developing positions on legislation and other public policy issues, acting on those positions in a timely manner, assessing candidates for public office and monitoring the voting record of elected officials. The practice and implementation of these policies enhances the private enterprise base by directly improving the economic climate essential for prosperous businesses and the superior quality of life in our community.

The policies are to:

  • Improve our civil justice system with emphasis on:
    • Curtailing frivolous lawsuits
    • Reducing litigation costs and time to resolution
  • Improve the educational systems and enhance workforce development with emphasis on:
    • Education as one of the highest priorities in local and state policy decisions
    • Supporting initiatives promoting a qualified and skilled workforce
  • Improve the environment and our quality of life with emphasis on:
    • Streamlining and simplifying the regulatory process
    • Economic analysis prior to implementing regulations
  • Enhance our human resources with emphasis on:
    • Legislation reducing unnecessary and duplicate workplace-related government regulation
    • Health care reform which achieves expanded coverage while maximizing free-market force and minimizing governmental mandates
  • Improve the infrastructure with emphasis on the following issues:
    • Affordable housing reducing commuting and lost productivity time
    • Infrastructure necessary to support reasonable growth
  • Support international trade with emphasis on:
    • Free trade expansion where national security is not compromised
    • Equitable access abroad for U.S. and California products and services
  • Improve taxation and public financing with emphasis on:
    • Government efficiency related to budget reform
    • Changes in personal and business taxes as well as capital formation rules
    • Policies of greater privatization of government services
    • Enhance the quality of life in our community

Throughout the policy platforms, quality of life is a key premise and encompasses the social, environmental and economic aspects of living and working in Ventura.