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Political Action Committee

The mission of the Ventura Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (PAC) is to seek out, endorse and support candidates to run for public office at the City and County levels who support free enterprise, believe in fiscally responsible government and whose views represent the interest of both the private and public sectors of the economy.

  • To elect pro-business candidates
  • To conduct forums and interviews
  • To endorse candidates and implement campaigns for success
  • To lead a goal-driven fundraising strategy

Current PAC Trustees

  • Marni Brook, Chair
  • Matthew Graczyk, Trustee
  • John Silva, Trustee
  • Amy Fonzo, Secretary
  • Marta Golding Brown, Trustee
  • John Hecht, Trustee
  • David Hilty, Trustee
  • Brad Golden, Trustee
  • Kevin England, Trustee
  • Allen Juengermann, Trustee
  • Bill McReynolds, Trustee

Good government is everyone’s business and it begins with you. Please take this opportunity to help us help you remain successful in your businesses. Please send your contribution to Ventura Chamber PAC (Political Action Committee).

To make a contribution to the PAC or get involved please contact Stephanie Caldwell: stephanie@ventura-chamber.org or (805) 643-7222.

FPPC# 911222


Ventura Chamber PAC Endorsements for City Council