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On deck at City Council on July 12

The Ventura Chamber of Commerce is supportive of the approval of the Construction Contract with Toro Enterprises, Inc on Project 92916- Community Park 2nd Entrance, Ramelli and Telephone item 9J on the agenda. The Chamber is fully supportive of the completion of the Ramelli entrance and the expansion of the parking and access road infrastructure. Not only does the park serve as a great benefit to our community by providing a gathering place for families and individuals encouraging physical activity, but it further activates the space that has been unfinished for years. We recognize that budget is a concern, but the completion of this infrastructure could lead to other economic opportunities like expanded sports tournaments at the park and monetization of this city and community asset. As we continue to be a possible site for XGames, facilities like these will only make Ventura more appealing. These events bring millions of dollars of revenue into communities supporting local hotels, restaurants and small businesses. 

Appeal of the Planning Commission’s Approval of the Haley Point Project (PROJ 14778)On May 26, 2021 the Planning Commission on a 4-0 vote, unanimously approved a project for 72 Townhomes on 4.3 acres on Channel Drive in the Midtown area of Ventura. They based their approval on the General Plan and State Housing Laws and found the proposed development to be suitable for the site. The Planning Commission Action was appealed citing issues with notices, parking requirements, environmental review and potential public improvement.