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Energy Committee

oilThe Ventura Chamber of Commerce Energy Committee is comprised of people and companies representing a diverse group of energy-related resources and perspectives. One of the main goals of this committee is to work to enhance public awareness of the importance of the energy industry to the local economy and quality of life. This committee provides a forum for identifying and discussing common issues affecting the production and consumption of energy.

The Chamber promotes the development and availability of many sources of energy and conservation measures in an environmentally responsible and cost-effective way as well as continued access to dependable, existing resources. The energy industry is critical to our economy and we need policies that promote the continued production and expansion of current and new energy resources in addition to the infrastructure to meet our increasing energy demands.

The Energy Committee meets the 4th Thursday of each month at 9am. Please contact Stephanie Caldwell for more information: (805) 643-7222 or stephanie@ventura-chamber.org.

Pastries and Partnerships

In October 2016, the Ventura Chamber of Commerce Energy Committee hosted the first “Pastries and Partnerships” event, “Water: Where We Are Today & What is in Store for Tomorrow,” an educational seminar on the state of water and the effects of the drought here in Ventura. Panelists discussed how statewide changes will impact us locally and what we can do as businesses and a community to continue to survive and thrive in the current environment. Panelists: Panelists: Tully Clifford (Watershed Protection District,) Jennifer Haddow (Rincon Consultants,) and Shana Epstein (Ventura Water.) Hosted by Cenergy Power and Aera Energy. Pastries provided by Traveler Café.

Watch Video: Why Renewable Energy Sources Can’t Replace Oil and Natural Gas

Electricity stops flowing from solar panels when the sun goes down. But never fear: Traditional fuels keep energy flowing and the lights on when renewables don’t work. Learn more about how alternative energy and traditional fuels can work together in this video. From Powering California.

Watch Video: A Day Without Oil

A day without oil and natural gas would be a huge disruption for you and the people you depend on. From Powering California.

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