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Leadership Ventura

Employers and individuals alike reap the benefits of Leadership Ventura; a leadership development course led by Relly Nadler. A licensed psychologist and Master Executive Coach, Dr. Nadler has been working for more than 30 years with top executives and their teams to become star performers. Participants learn principles such as Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Levels, Change Management, Feedback/Delegation, Coaching for Performance and Decision Making. Each participant receives a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and personal analysis.

The return on investment for any company with an employee participating is phenomenal. Emotional Intelligence Leadership improves leaders’ ability to excel in today’s increasingly difficult and complex leadership roles.

Through the first year, the class hears from key community leaders as they share the latest plans, developments, and decision-making processes affecting the community. Lectures, panel discussions and site visits provide a forum for discussion and a greater understanding of local issues. Class attendees participate in hands on learning including a grass roots community betterment project.

Leadership Ventura meets once a month. Each day begins at approximately 7:30 AM and lasts until 5:00PM. Continental breakfasts and lunches are provided. The second year, participants lead the activities and planning for the subsequent class, offering the opportunity to test the skills learned year one.

To download the 2015 application, please click here.

Community Projects

Farmer’s Market Beautification
Tender Life Maternity Home
River Haven Community
Furry Feeder

Cornucopia Garden
The Kingdom Hall Project
Welcome to Ventura

Generation Connection
Revitalization of Ventura’s “Mutt-Mitt” Program

Food Share Gleaning with United Way Day of Caring
Leaders for Financial Literacy
Ventura Harbor Beauty and the Bench

Team De Anza
Remodeling Oak Street Storefronts
Harbor Area Composting Pilot Program

Community Memorial Hospital Art (Project Plan)
Ventura Film Office (Business Plan)

Intellectual Property
Foster Youth Digital Stories
Landscaping at CAPS

Project Safe Harbor
Walk for Education
Volunteers in Policing Kiosk Project

ARC Interior Design Lunch Room
Community Service Opportunities- YMCA
Music For Life

Project Understanding
Ventura Avenue Plaza – Westside
Community Park
Ventura Boys and Girls Club – Part II

Landscaping at the Olive St. Boys & Girls Club
Cabrillo Village Youth Recreation Center Upgrade
Driving Tour of Ventura

Cheers for Children School Supplies
Laurel Theatre Arts Library
San Miguel Chapel Site

Downtown Information Kiosk
Community Service Website and Video

Cal Works Clothes Closet
Mutt Mitts at Ventura Beach

Midtown Community Resource Center
AVID Program – Advancement Via
Individual Determination
Leadership Ventura Alumni


Class of 2012
Staci Brown, Kate Bucey, Caryl Cantrell, Colleen Caster, Cathy Curtis, Victor Esquivel, Michael Ford, Jill Gregorchuk, Lynn Huber, Richard Huber, Katherine Kasmir, Bob Kimmer, Courtney Lindberg, Barbara Natalizio, Sandra Pulido, Vanessa Rauschenberger, Kim Ritchey, Elizabeth Rodeno

Class of 2011
David Atkin, Daylean Atkin, Alison Carlson, Jacquiline Francis, Jose G. Gomez, Sergio Gutierrez, Lindsay Hanson, Kathleen Horton, Yvonne Knepper, Andrew Mikkelson, Ryan Miller, Charleen Morla, Sandy Morse, Stacy Oates, Kristie Simpson, Joe Yahner

Class of 2010
Nancy Broschart, Ken Cozzens, Cindy DeMotte, Susan Everett, Lola Herrera, Andrea Ricketts, Kathleen Roos, Debora Schreiber, Trisha Yates

Class of 2009
Melanie Baldonado, Lois Christensen, Kristin Cook, Diana Dunbar, Ramon Flores, John Garcia, Michelle Harris, Tina Hernandez, Mary Lantgen, Doug Michie, Bagrat Minasian, Ilona Scott, Kirsten Snyder, Adam Thunell, Monica Ward

Class of 2008
Jennie Buckingham, Kellie Caramanis, Sunshine Cheek, Mychele Dee, Jennifer Finnerty, Jason Griffith, Cindy Jones, Nancy Maxson, Nancy Maxwell, Edward Moses, Pat O’Brien, Emilie Rayman, Isaac Rivera, Alex Schneider, Jennifer Talt, Anthony Unchangco, Sandra Walker

Class of 2007
Michael Argust, Amy Bailey, Jim Duran, Curtis Knecht, John Kwon, Haady Lashkari, Serena Martinez, Joan Phelps, Cherie Phoenix, Stephanie Seymour-Fuller, Joey Siddens

Class of 2006
James Adams, Jeanne Benitz, Andy Carrasco, Richard Clezie, Maureen Eckl, Michael Ellingson, Tinette Hood, Kevin Jeffries, Cathy Milligan, Craig Mooney, Kevin Renne, Bing Smith, Anthony Stephens, Marie Stowe, Luann Swanberg, Sue Taylor

Class of 2005
Glen Albright, Barbara Asbell, Patti Burmingham, Keri Collins, Sean Conroy, Joellen Flannigan, Pamela Fuller, Neil Gedney, Lisa Greenwood, Ron Greenwood, Mary Haffner, Chris Lento, Jonell McLain, Lynn Mikelatos, Jean Swift, Deanna Weik, Gary Wilde, Don Williams, Roberta Williams, Renee Wolcott

Class of 2004
Doug Auldridge, Margo Byrne, Richard Davis, Robert Henderson, Carol Ito, Mary Jarvis, Michael Johnson, Craig Pisors, Andrew Powers, Ann Romero, Marcia Rubin, Ron Tindle, Christopher Weik

Class of 2003
Steve Bowman, Susan Graham, Anne Hubbard, Dennis Lake, Selena McLaury, Rita Peterson, Dan Pfiefer, Dan Powell, Carole Power, Bryan Roberts, Skip Robertson, Bruce Rokos, Stuart Rosenbery, Rod Smith, Charles Spinnler, Andrew Stuffler, Sonja Thomas, John Weldon

Class of 2002
Michelle Amendola, Brian Clark, Caroline Doll, David Graham, Faye Hall, Dianne Hammond, Mary Joyce Ivers, Joncee Kohls, William Kracht, Rose Lee, Jeff Roundy, Priscilla Van Gundy, Jim White, David Wilson

Class of 2001
Jeff Bracket, Charles “Chuck” Cassy, Laura Chalkley, Gerald Dannenburg, Brian Gordon, Cary Gray, Linda Kapala, Susan Koller, Susan Langer, Kelly Nicely, Fred Robinson, Drew Schroller, Aurora Soriano, Marion Thompson, Elisa Torres, Glen “Skip” Young

Class of 2000
Mary Chappell, Ted Cook, Marti DeLao, John Garner, Cassandra Petrovich, Bill Rigg, Brady Roark, Roslyn Scheuerman, David Shea, Judy Warner, Mark Watkins

Class of 1999
Sandra Allen-Greenberg, Karl Berger, Elke Fedde, Quinn Fenwick, Mark Judson, Stephen Kopp, Mike Lavery, Jim Malone, Suz Montgomery, Jill Shaffer, Steve Tudhope, Pamela Wise

Class of 1998
Robert Anderson, Ruben Andrade, Joseph Balint, Maria Capritto, Michael Carney, Michael Eulau, Kelly Hall, Holly Scheaffer, Michael Szanger, John Tarkany

Class of 1997
Doug Caldwell, Whit Collins, Judy Kay Culton, Joan Dzuro, Janey Espinosa, Gary McCaskill, Barbara Mills, Cayse Osterlund, Ken Schmitz, Liz Perez Seitz, Jovita Valdez

Class of 1996
Bill Barbee, Lee Barneburg, Bart Bleuel, Karen Cook, Bob Dyer, Marianne Gallegos, Debbie Giles, Phyllis Grey, Julie Helm-Allen, Ken Kraft, Kim Scott, Midge Stork, Cindy Wilson

Class of 1995
Howard Akins, Bruce Arden, Coleen Ashley, Christiana Bryson, Marla Buckert, Mary Carr, Wally Chance, Steve Doll, Steven Glaza, Anna Maria Green, Diana Hofmann-Cook, J.C. Holt, Dan Lyon, Jim Mangis, Cecelia McCarty, Loretta Merewether, David Paumier, Jay Porsch, Scheila Schmitz, Arlene Virtue, Jenise Wagar, Kathleen Weins


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