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Ventura Chamber Supports Ventura County Transportation Commission Sales Tax Increase and Sustain VC

The Ventura Chamber of Commerce voted unanimously to support two issues that will go before voters on the lengthy November ballot.

At the July Board Meeting, the Ventura Chamber of Commerce discussed and took action on important issues facing our region, the Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC) Sales Tax Measure and the Sustain VC initiative.  The board voted to support both measures.

VCTC Tax – The half-cent transportation sales tax is projected to raise roughly $70 million per year for transportation improvements in Ventura County and will provide necessary local funds to improve roads, transit and bike paths.  Since it is a self-help tax, it will also open up opportunities for Ventura County to receive State and Federal funds.  Ventura County is currently the only county in Southern California that has not voted to approve a transportation tax.

“The transportation tax will fund critical infrastructure projects that would not happen otherwise.” said 2016 Board Chair, James Perero.  “This self-help tax gives Ventura County access to our own previously-paid State and Federal tax money, helps us keep pace with transportation improvements in surrounding counties, and lays an important foundation for the long-term economic vitality of Ventura County.”

Sustain VC – This alternate to SOAR, continues to protect agricultural land.  Sustain VC was written by farmers with the premise that if we are to protect that land it should be economically viable. Sustain VC promotes water infrastructure projects, allows for local processing of products has a 20-year timeline and requires an analysis of the economic impacts to the county by 2026.

“It makes sense that when making decisions about what is best for the sustainability of our local farms, we would ask local farmers.  Sustain VC was written by local farmers with input from the local farming community.” 2016 Board Chair, James Perero commented, “Additionally, the timeline of 20 years is reasonable and lines up with the planning horizon for most cities within the county, .”

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