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Southern California Edison: Expanding Electric Transportation

Southern California Edison InfographicOn January 23, 2017, Southern California Edison filed with the California Public Utilities Commission a wide-ranging plan for expanding electric transportation in its service area. 

Consistent with SCE’s longstanding role in supporting electric transportation, the plan aims to increase electrification of cars, buses, medium- and heavy-duty trucks and industrial vehicles and equipment.

In addition to innovative programs for passenger vehicle adoption, the plan is tailored to Southern California, where 40 percent of the goods entering the nation are moved through the region’s ports and over its highways. This immense goods movement industry is crucial to the state and local economy, but it is also a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution from heavy commercial and industrial vehicles at ports, warehouses and along freeway corridors.

These projects will benefit all SCE customers, with a particular focus on “disadvantaged communities” — areas that are disproportionately affected by pollution and economic hardship, often located along transportation corridors.

SCE also released a white paper, “Transportation Electrification: Reducing Emissions, Driving Innovation,” showing the central role transportation electrification must play if California is to succeed in reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases.