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Opening the Door Between Education and the Business Community

Nan Drake, Joe Richards, Dr. Erika Beck, Dr. Greg Gillespie, Stephanie Caldwell

“Education is critical to opening doors…”   Dr. Greg Gillespie, president of Ventura College and chancellor of the Ventura County Community College District

The State of Education event helps “open the door” for the business community to the local schools.  This yearly meeting allows Chamber members to connect to the Ventura Unified School District, Ventura College Community College District, and California State University at Channel Islands.

At the April 27 event, there were common threads between the speakers, of social justice, and educating and supporting the whole student so that they can learn to take care of themselves, their jobs, families, and the community.

Along with learning about the goals and status of the local educational institutions and and their programs, we are invited to participate in supporting them.  The lack of state funds makes it especially important to do what we can to support our educational system.

These are ways in which the business community and Ventura Chamber members can help our local schools.

We extend gratitude to our educational leaders, teachers and staff for their unwavering dedication.  Special thanks go out also to educational partners and event sponsors.


  • 53% of new Ventura College students get certificate/degree within 6 years
  • Ag Business and Crop Science degree programs starting at Ventura College this fall
  • New social worker will be present at Ventura College to connect students with challenges to local resources
  • CSUCI is 2nd fastest growing university in nation, but cannot accept all applicants due to lack of funding
  • In 2013, California economy will be short 1 million degreed students
  • New mechatronics engineering program at CSUCI

Written by Tina Johnson | Tina Reed Johnson Web Marketing